Nextup: Four Tet and Terror Danjah – Killer

While there is currently only an abridged radio rip of ‘Killer’ available online, it serves as more than enough with which to judge the quality of Four Tet’s recent collaboration with grime heavyweight Terror Danjah.

The impetus of the song is provided by a forceful, ‘found-sound’ drum beat, relying on tribal rhythms and a multitude of gritty samples to maintain its infectious groove. Particularly in contrast with the more serene Jamie XX collaboration which surfaced earlier this week, ‘Killer’ represents an especially abrasive example of Four Tet’s work which is in my opinion a welcome change. The repeated vocal sample and demented dub siren which embellish the track also contribute to the general atmosphere.

Around half way through, the drums cease and we are presented with a simple synth riff, based primarily around a single note but also bouncing across octaves in a chromatic arpeggio. The irregular length of the sequence conjures up some interesting polyrhythms, and the drums drop in and out as they please, introducing more and more rhythmic devices as the track reaches its peak.

‘Killer’ is testament to both Four Tet and Terror Danjah’s abilities in creating essential dancefloor-orientated music, and with Four Tet having confirmed that the track will be TEXT028, we can only hope that the official release date is not too far in the future.

Release: TBA

– Ben Scott


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