Throwback: Lil Louis – French Kiss

1989 never sounded so fine – Lil Louis presents his genre-defining Chicago House crossover hit, ‘French Kiss’. I’ve always enjoyed going on YouTube suggestion bar ventures when trying to discover more of the classic Chicago House sound; whilst the potential to find great modern music still exists, the hit ratio between finding good and bad tunes is always much worse in comparison.

Whilst there are many alternate versions of this track, which no doubt contributed to its mainstream success, the version that perhaps most vividly represents Lil Louis’s evocative choice of title is this one. Offering 5minutes of unrelenting, yet continually satisfying, energetic synth and percussive loops the momentum is quickly stifled by a stuttering fall in tempo. Emerging from this momentary lapse comes some of the most erotic vocals ever known to a dance record, temporarily engulfing the track before becoming lost amidst remerging snare rolls and those distinctive synth interjections. Thinking how people might react at the 5 minute mark when hearing this in a club is quite a funny thought; would probably be more ideal to have found a girl/guy by this point in the night so you could share the moment with them rather than with your mates…

Either way, an absolute classic!

Release: 1989

– Calum Carey


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