Nextup: Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix)

Jon Hopkin‘s Mercury nominated album threw up a powerful song in the form of ‘Collider’ earlier in 2013 and the album of remixes featuring Hessle Audio boss Pangaea and Berlin resident Objekt is on the horizon. Here the bass-heavy, intenseness of the original is seized by Blawan and Pariah for this brutal mix which is reminiscent of 90s raves in abandoned industrial warehouses and is perfect for the recent ‘warehouse’ venue revival.

Hard, driving bass packs a punch to remember, the previous glimpses of light in Hopkin’s track are almost obliterated, with a relentless kick drum and phaser bleeps. Proper industrial Berlin techno, it’s easy to imagine this in Berghain as the days morph into one and the music absorbs anyone in its path. Towards the end we see a glimmer of light by way of ghostly sirens which are faded into the hard bass before the song trails off with a cry.

Release: 25.02.2014

 Kim Kahan


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