Nextup: Florian Kupfer – This Society (LIES-045)

If you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of Florian Kupfer here over at Nextup Throwback. His breakthrough hit ‘Feelin’ made it into my tracks of 2013, and his rework of Sade made it into a colleague’s column on unreleased heat. His release schedule is sparse but his most recent track, a contribution to the L.I.E.S compilation, ‘Music For Shut Ins’, at the end of last year showed him taking a harder direction than his previous material.

His newest piece ‘This Society’, to be released as LIES045, manages to strip down the pummelling rhythms exhibited on ‘Unreal (CA Faith Mixx)‘ to the barest elements for an even more punishing effect. An increasingly paranoid sounding vocal is doubled with some of the most brutal percussion this side of Karenn. However, Kupfer’s musicality does shine through with a brilliantly sculpted one-note synth line that appears in the latter half of the track. Just like the vocal, the repetition of a single otherwordly sounding element brings a real sense of terror to proceedings. Put simply, this is not easy stuff to listen to, but it is the type of wonderfully crafted minimalist techno that could lay waste to a dancefloor.

Release: 05.03.2014

– John Hardy


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