Netxup compared: Dorsia – Ghana (HNNY Remix) (Calum & Kim)

Top marks from both of us for this beaut of a tune.

Kim: “Swedish producer HNNY had the sweet taste of fame last year with his white label edit of ‘Boy’ which sampled 90’s garage classic ‘That Boy Is Mine’ from Brandy and Monica and a strong release on Local Talk label ‘Yearning’ which became a slow burning house anthem in March 2013 followed in November by ‘Exactly’ EP on his own label Puss.

This mix sees a throwback to ‘Boy’ by laying down a head-bop inducing bass line that would work magic on a dancefloor, providing a groove to move to and a sugary synth lick which jumps along the track creates a smooth contrast that blossoms throughout. I love how infectious this beat is, from the beginning to the end this song just makes you wanna move, I’d probably start off with some cheeky shoulder action then get the feet involved.

Get on your dancing shoes!”

Calum: “HNNY is certainly an interesting character:  through following him over the last couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that Johan Cederberg is a guy who does what he wants, when he wants. Whilst many producers are perhaps fearful of straying too far into realms of experimentation, this seems to prove no such barrier to HNNY. This instinctive approach to production has led to some opinion-dividing, marmite tunes (his Mariah Carey remix being most noteworthy), but this unorthodox outside-of-the-box style is what makes him so exciting to follow.

Having said that, this remix of ‘Ghana’ is a more straightforward deep house affair, but demonstrates that it’s not just his controversial nature that is the reason for his popularity. With this remix HNNY has transformed the pretty linear original into an intricate slow burning number offering swirling warm synth pad interplay and a delicately smooth bassline. Considering his recent releases on his own label Puss records, deep house is definitely a style HNNY has been warming to lately: and despite the genres ubiquitous dominance within dance music at the moment, he has still managed to produce material that remains distinct amongst it.”

Release: 03.03.2014


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