Nextup: Maya Jane Coles – Something in the Air (Bonobo & Dark Sky remixes)

Out this week on underground label Hypercolour is a revisit of Maya Jane Coles 2011 EP ‘Don’t Put Me In Your Box’. The B side of the record sees big names Bonobo and Dark Sky remixing ‘Something In The Air’ to complement Kowton’s remix of ‘Parallel Worlds’.

Both remixes never lose sight of the original’s chilled ‘wandering-through-an-aquarium experience’ supplemented by Maya’s own ethereal vocals. Bonobo keeps true to his style, adding only a few extra dreamlike melodies and spatial harmonies, plus that versatile Bonobo driving beat that’s suitable for anything from a dancefloor to a summer drive. Dark Sky bring deeper vibes with ominous low synths and insistent snares. The use of Minimal looping techniques from the 1960s gives this version a much ‘trancier’ feel.

Release: 24.02.2014

– Isa Jaward


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