Nextup: Terrence Pearce – Need Love

South African producer Terrence Pearce has been on my radar since he released a beautifully smooth EP on Bristol-based label Futureboogie. Up until now Terrence has been known for his deep house records, often featuring melodic synths and chopped vocals, ideal for those late night grooving sessions.  However, today he released a 2-minute clip of an upcoming release he is featured on. To my surprise, this release seems to be much more disco themed, and seems to be a good reason to get excited.

Very upbeat and effortlessly funky with a spacey vocal chopping this new records looks set to be another favourite from Terrence. The tune will be released along with 3 other disco tracks from 3 different producers including Falcon Punch and Osmose on the aptly named ‘Whiskey Disco France’ label. The release is set to be both vinyl and digital, arriving 17th March this year. Set your calendar!

Release: 17.03.2014

Martin Bavone


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