Nextup: Mumdance ft. Novelist- Take Time

Found in Mumdance‘s recent FACT mix and as yet unreleased this track is an exciting sign of things to come from the new generation of grime producers and MCs, seemingly led by Mumdance and Novelist respectively. Taking cues from the jarring rhythms of early grime, Mumdance and his peers are helping revitalise the genre with their sublo-inspired sound.

The fact that this track has a vocalist is in itself notable – the group of artists with whom Mumdance is most often associated are usually instrumentally focused, leaving the vocal side of the genre to more traditional sources such as Slew Dem, Bloodline and old standbys such as Roll Deep / BBK and their plethora of alumni.

And who more suited for microphone duties than the young Lewisham MC, Novelist? Adept as both producer and rapper, Novelist spits with a brash confidence that demands attention and belies his evident intelligence. Despite his fast, exiteable flow  he navigates the rhythmically complex instrumental with ease, flowing over heavily layered snares and bass stabs sounding like they were sampled from a sheet metal factory without missing a single beat, something that can’t always be said for much more established MCs (looking at you, Chronik and Big H).

Overall an accomplished track that bears several listens despite a rather grating high pitched spoken interlude, hoping to see more from this duo in the future.

Release Date: TBA

– Bertie Jennings


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