Throwback: Stephen Encinas – Lypso Illusion

‘Lypso Illusion’ is the B-side to ‘Disco Illusion’, a record that has been very much in the limelight recently, gaining recognition from the likes of Gilles Peterson. ‘Disco Illusion’ and ‘Lypso Illusion’ were pretty much lost songs, as they failed to complete the distribution process when they were released in 1979 and never made it to market. In some Lord of the Rings style twist of fate a box full of the record was found in a warehouse somewhere in Trinidad and eventually re-released by Invisible City Editions sometime last year. ‘Disco Illusion’ then quickly gained fame, most prominently through the legendary Motor City Drum Ensemble London Boiler room.

‘Lypso Illusion’ is on the other side of this lost record and features much the same set up as its counterpart, with the addition of some dreamy steel pan drums and sinister synths. If you haven’t heard this little gem then it certainly is one for the favorites.

Release: 1979/2013

Martin Bavone


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