Nextup: Disclosure – F For You ft. Mary J Blige (Eats Everything remix)

It seems that a house music super-team is forming…step forward Disclosure and Eats Everything. After the young duo played a set at one of Eats Everything’s XOYO residency nights, Eats returned the favour and made an appearance at their Alexandra Palace gig on March 08. It was only a matter of time before a remix came to fruition.

Eats Everything isn’t one to mess around. He keeps it nice and solid with a peaceful, spacious opening. A bit of serene piano suggests a chilled vibe until that snare begins to creep in. You know something magical is on the horizon.

With dense chords underpinning Mary J Blige’s distorted vocals, this is definitely an interesting deviation from the original, perfect for fans who love Disclosure and the house scene but aren’t keen on how commercial it’s all getting. My only gripe? At 7:21, it’s pretty sizeable but doesn’t change up much. A good one for a DJ set perhaps, but not so much for general listening unless you’re looking for something dance-y but unobtrusive.

Release: 16.03.2014

– Isa Jaward


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