Throwback: Bushwacka – Healer (House mix)

‘This IS house music’. While I find fans genre-centric championing of house as nauseating an experience on Soundcloud and Youtube as much as the next man, concerning Bushwacka’s 1999 ‘Healer (House mix)’ I could find reason to join in with it!

A masterful demonstration of progressive house, ‘Healer’ is a brilliantly controlled production, building and building throughout its 7 minute entirety. Beginning with a warm, subdued steel pan melody, this is then greeted quickly by a solid 4/4 kick drum and syncopated bongo rhythms. Each instrumental addition feels appropriate and timely, whether it be rolling highs, that piercing low end synth, or those weirdly mesmerising pitch-shifted vocals,  they all compound the momentous feel that characterises the track.

Fast-paced and a hugely engrossing affair, many thanks must be made to the makers of the Gran Turismo 4 soundtrack for sorting me out with this one.

One for the autobahn.

Release – 1999

– Calum Carey


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