Nextup Event: Stevie Wonderland 1st Birthday ft. Kon, DJ Reverend P & Glowing Palms

Stevie Wonderland has now been throwing intergalactic space boogie disco nights for a whole year. From their humble beginnings in Manchester’s Roadhouse, they’ve since sold out the likes of Gorilla, with people queuing round the block to get their hands on a golden ticket to potato-mashing and hip-wiggling the night away. A popular philosophy is that the first year of a business is the toughest… a year that has seen Stevie Wonderland take the leap and expand to the big smoke. Guests ranging from Manchester favourites Jon K and Krystal Klear (together: disco tag team), to cosmic shuffler and all around good egg Space Dimension Controller, to one of the most established names in the land of disco – Greg Wilson – and parties in London featuring Marcel Vogel and Alexander Nut, they’ve built up a name for themselves as top bookers. The atmosphere that descends over their parties is a halo of disco mayhem, usually accompanied by the Roadhouse’s mirror ball. 

For their birthday they’re going back to their original weekday – Thursday- to bring Kon to Soup Kitchen on 27th March. Part 2 is at Underland on 4th April with Parisian crate digger DJ Reverend P coming across the Channel to play a Stevie Wonder(land) set. The Facebook event link to their birthday celebrations here.

We have tickets to give away for both so head to our Facebook page for details.


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