Throwback: 702 – Steelo (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke Remix)

Its been a while since I’ve really given much attention to the sounds of so called ‘future garage’. Orientated around a strong commitment to RnB and hip hop female vocals, my problem with this ‘Eton messy’ sound, as its come to be defined, is its one dimensional nature. The novelty of hearing classic Aaliyah and Brandy vocals has sadly worn off pretty rapidly, as many young producers are continually pigeon-holing their sounds around them. However when used and executed effectively, such as in Sinjin Hawke and Lol Boys’ effort on ‘Steelo- 702’, vocals have rarely sounded better.

It’s hard to describe what works so well with this edit; it isn’t necessarily one component of the track that sticks out, more that everything works really well together. The one minute mark is a definite highlight however – after a promising build-up of rolling snares, claps and a lively bassline the Steelo’s vocals are allowed to play out, and when introduced alongside that massive bassline it’s a definite gritty teeth, clenched jawline inducing moment.

Released – 2011

– Calum Carey


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