Nextup: LK (Lee Konitz) – Valentino

Leeds based producer Jordan Saxton has been going from strength to strength recently. Initially catching many people’s attention with some brilliant dub techno cuts as part of the 0001-4 series under his more predominant alias ‘Viers’, Saxton has proven himself to be a prolifically consistent and versatile producer since. Alongside his Viers outfit, the last 12 months have seen Saxton move into the rawer more industrial side of techno under the name Unklone, and through his Lee Konitz persona, into the more subtle, progressive sides of house.

Built upon a substantial kick drum, crisp highs and long sweeping chord passages ‘Valentino’ is perfect easy-listening material. ‘Valentino’ offers exciting intricate developments of vocals, bongos and guitar riffs all varying in emphasis enough to keep the track sounding fresh and a continual enjoyment to listen to. Rightfully this tune has finally got the recognition it deserves – after lurking on Youtube for nearly a year now ‘Valentino’ is set to be released in early May on Cottams new label ‘Ruff Draft’. Pretty annoying that the wait is that long, but the video that comes with the Youtube rip is too funny for me to care that much.

Release: 05.05.2014

– Calum Carey


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