Nextup: Koan Sound – Dynasty EP

Signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label, this Bristol-based pair experiment with an Eastern sound on their short-but-sweet ‘Dynasty’ EP.

The duo open with ‘7th Dimension’, a highly synth-based and pleasingly funky track that smacks of Culprate influence. With ‘Dynasty’ comes a grittier vibe, but never loses that Koan Sound groove. Hold out till just before the second drop, where your ears receive a welcome break from the harsh bassline with soothing sounds of the Orient. ’Infinite Funk’ is a tune that does what it says on the tin. With its smooth-bordering-on-cheesy melodies, you can’t help but grin at its audacity whilst simultaneously jive to the slick transitions and relentless drum beat. ’Lost In Thought’ is quite literally seven minutes in heaven. Airing out the previous density, it functions as a peaceful ending and lets the listener exhale after those heart-stopping rhythms.

This release gives a real sense of how accomplished these two are, and if you’re yearning for something that sounds a bit different, explore this glorious marriage between glitch-hop and neurofunk.

Release 01.04.2014

–          Isa Jaward


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