Throwback: Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath

The longest serving artist on the Warp Records roster, Nightmares on Wax undeniably played an important part in the early development of UK electronic music. ‘Aftermath’ was their third release, and comes from what is arguably the most influential period of Warp’s catalogue.

The track begins with a crackling vocal sample which instantly recalls images of acid house and early raves, and this is quickly joined by thumping kicks and chopped-up breakbeats. Despite the song’s relatively slow tempo, this texture is reminiscent of breaks-influenced tunes that have been released in the past year from producers such as Special Request: evidence of the longstanding effect that the early-90s scene had upon dance music. The final key element of the song is the dubby, winding bassline which rumbles throughout the whole 6 minutes while various other vocals loop over it until the song’s finish.

Release: 1990

Ben Scott


One comment

  1. a special request VIP of this is also up for release soon!


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