Throwback: Chronik- I Blaze More Dan U (Eski)

You can stroke your chin and pontificate about pretty much any kind of music- I certainly do it enough. And there’s certainly enough to analyse of late, with countless releases that fall under into now the very wide umbrella term of grime. Branching out every which way and coalescing with various micro-genres, grime these days is as much as an influence as it is a genre these days, much like garage was in the formation of grime 10 years ago. Everything is cyclical.

But sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in 130 reimaginings and harmonimixs. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a track like this to bring you back to the gritty, hyper-masculine heart of early grime. Chronik is as much a cartoon character as he is an MC, a terrifying dreadlocked figure that represents what to many politicians was the anti-social nature of grime music. ‘I Blaze More Dan U (Eski Remix)’ is the quintessential Chronik (and perhaps even grime in general) track.

In my opinion it’s a better use of the beat made famous by Jammer‘s ‘Murkle Man’, a landslide of rumbling bass and hectic strings with the classic Wiley snare cutting through the mix like a gunshot (not dissimilar to the many gunshot samples actually  used in the track). Chronik‘s frantic vocal is direct and commanding- pure macho self aggrandisment sprinkled with put downs to other, unamed MCs and ineccessant threats of violence, having all the makings of the classic reload bars they eventually became. Essential.


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