Netxtup: Hercules & Love Affair – I Try to Talk to You

Despite the lineup changing more nearly as much as the Sugarbabes,  Hercules & Love Affair are still as fresh as they were back in 2008, unleashing this floor-stamping disco gem on SoundCloud earlier today.

John Grant’s voice so masterfully hypnotic, controlled to the point of perfection and full to the brim with emotion. Lyrics are also on top form /I don’t understand help me please /tell me everything/ make me see/which give the song a deeper, maturer quality which can be easily overlooked on the dance floor, without impacting the song massively yet simultaneously adding that bit of sincerity which is often lacking in dance floor fillers. Gospel backing vocals are spine shivering and dramatic chimes make ‘I Try to Talk to You’ even better than at first listen, delving deeper into that journey disco biscuits.

It’s nothing we haven’t heard from Hercules & Love Affair – which is quite impressive considering the revolving membership circle – but it’s a treat to listen to.

Release: 26.05.2014

– Kim Kahan


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