Nextup/ Throwback: Dat Oven- Icy Lake

‘I just thought I’d call before I throw myself into the icy lake…’

When Billy Jarecki made a throwaway comment to his friend on a voicemail in the mid-90s, he couldn’t have imagined how it would reverberate through decades of dance music history to this very day. His voice twists and tumbles over itself to the rhythm of hypnotic tribal drums, punctuated by trills of a very familiar-sounding anachronistic icy click.

Created in the heyday of NY’s gay house scene, the track was perfect backing for drag queens and dancefloor escapists to vogue, dance, pose and strut across the dark expanses of Manhattan’s Palladium nightclub. Discovered by chance almost two decades later by Fade To Mind alumnus Total Freedom, the forgotten classic is getting a re-release by the combined forces of the transatlantic sister labels of Night Slugs and Fade To Mind, with a handful of brand new remixes to boot.

The track is a perfect fit for the left field imprints headed up by Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990 and Kingdom whose own musical stylings have been somehow distilled into this piece of astonishing musical prescience. The combination of the unrelenting retro-futurist beat, droning ambience and icy clicks that would later become iconic within the insular grime scene, worlds apart from the Dat Oven’s own, make this track a perfect fit for 2014’s musical climate. Even the name Dat Oven coincidentally sounds like the nonsensical meme ridden slang that would be likely be used to name this track if it had been made today. Nothing new under the sun, it seems.

Release: 22.4.2014

-Bertie Jennings


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