Nextup: Fatima – Do Better

Floating Points never puts a foot wrong, teaming up with upcoming soul-singer Fatima for ‘Do Better’. Yesterday, the Eglo Records songstress unveiled the latest track from her debut LP ‘Yellow Memories’. Due for release on May 12, the label promises to the album to be a mix of “melancholic introspection and vibrant, candy-coated melody”.

Although most of his music is electronically-produced and undeniably beautiful, Floating Points flaunts yet another of his never-ending talents with a tightly-orchestrated live jazz band. The orchestral textures seamlessly build up to an exciting climax of Fatima’s elegantly sung ‘I can do better’, and gently dissipate to a smooth guitar outro. With punchy horns and the driving ‘tssss-tssss’ of the hi-hat, this is reminiscent of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and just as sophisticated.

Release: 29.04.2014

– Isa Jaward


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