Nextup: Mosca – Suckle/Vinny

From the generic tech house of Eva Mendes to the sublime garage remix of T. Williams’ Heartbeat, Mosca’s career has undoubtedly produced some varied productions. This week, however, saw a landmark release for the Scotsman: the first on his own label, Not So Much.

A-Side ‘Suckle’ is a sparse, reverb-drenched track whose centrepiece is a delicate, flutey sequence. Thumping house kicks underpin the abstract ambience of the treble register, and Mosca’s use of cut-up vocal samples and synthesised bleeps helps maintain interest in what is a fairly minimal production. ‘Vinny’ is a similarly sparse affair: the spacey delays and emphasis on percussive sounds gives both of the tracks a dark, almost dubby vibe, representing a contrast to Mosca’s earlier, more melodic work.

While neither ‘Suckle’ nor ‘Vinny’ is likely to capture an entire scene’s interest in the same way as past releases such as Bax did, both tracks represent strong foundations for burgeoning label Not So Much, and hopefully are the signs of more prolific times to come for a producer who, in his own words ‘doesn’t release enough tunes’.

– Ben Scott


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