Nextup: Mokona- Untitled

Getting a release over a year after being heard first by many on a Oneman Rinse set, coming 12th of May is your chance to grab ‘Untitled’ by Australia grime producer, Mokona (Ozki beat? OK, maybe not). Limited to a 300 copy vinyl pressing on Templar Sound, the discerning Sydney home to cutting edge grime, techno and more, this one is well worth grabbing.

The instrumental is a powerful lesson in sinogrime flavoured minimalism- sparse but saturated percussion echoes over silky square waves and unsteady plucked notes, reverb laden samples lurking in the wings. Ironically for a sound so named for its creators feeling of cold-heartedness, Eski-beat has never been at a loss to provoke emotion, and here Mokona’s synth seems to low with plaintive melancholy in a manner reminiscent of Mr Mitch’s ‘Born In The Cold’.

Track two is the Rapid vocal of the track, the Ruff Sqwad veteran confidently grasping the beat whilst using the introspective sound to ruminate on his journey and struggle as an artist. On the flip is the legendary Youngstar’s 8bar refix, his syncopated snares crackling over a hazy jumble of reversed synthlines and chopped up melodies. Whilst not as immediately powerful as the original, it grows on you and is certainly more dancefloor orientated.

Release: 12.05.2014

– Bertie Jennings


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