Nextup: Martyn + Four Tet – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)

Treat your ears this week with a brand-new collaboration between Four Tet and Dutch producer Martyn. This playful alternate ‘8 Hours at Fabric Dub’ version of ‘Glassbeadgames’ will appear on Martyn’s ‘Forgiveness’ EP on Ninja Tune.

Four Tet begins with his own thumb piano sample from 2012’s ‘Lion’, but from there on out, percussion takes on a dominant role. The relentless rhythms only subside briefly for the contrasting middle section of chopped-and-screwed vocal samples and exotic synth melodies. As it creeps up to the 8-minute mark, the track ends with an introspective heartbeat-thump bass followed by delicate snippets of earlier motifs.

With its length and tropical vibes, this meeting of two formidable forces of electronic music is sure to be a staple for the sets of the summer festivals.

Release: 03.06.2014

– Isa Jaward


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