Nextup: Events Worth Risking Your Degree For- 9th/10th May

Many of Manchester’s promoters don’t seem to give one bit of a fuck that half the cities students are in the middle of exams. Friday night this week is one of the best looking nights I’ve seen since I’ve been in Manchester. Massive temptations for even the most disciplined reviser. Here are my picks:

Friday 9th
Fever 105 – Odder Bar
Rakyo (3 hour set)
Fever present ‘Spanish disco maestro’ Rakyo who wines and dines in the finest of Funk, Disco and Soul. Master of edits, check out the remix Rakyo did of ‘all along the watchtower’ if you need inspiration to go.

So Flute – The Roadhouse
Mr. Mendel
One of the strongest brands around in Manchester at the moment, ‘So Flute’ this time around will be importing Amsterdam based Mr.Mendel for some sweet jazz and soul.

Coded Rhythm/ Chow Down – Joshua Brooks
Evian Christ; Mssingno; Georgia Girls
If you like your r&b, hip-hop infused vocal orientated dance music then Coded Rhythm/ Chow Down is without doubt the place to be tonight. Evan Christ, Night Slugs member Georgia Girls (formerly Llesca) , and the incredibly exciting rising talent of Mssingno stepping up at the Joshua Brooks basement.

Project 13 – Soup Kitchen
Huge night instore if you’re big fans of the Livity Sound lads like we are at Nextup Throwback. Peverelist will be representing at Soup Kitchen for the Project 13 collective who are celebrating their 3rd Birthday in Manchester. Expect strong support from their residents. Promises to be a special night.

Saturday 10th:
Odder bar Presents
Chris Lorenzo
If your big on the sounds of Hannah Wants then this guy is the next best thing. Powerful bassline orientated house presented by Odder bar as they celebrate their 7th year open in Mankychester.

Witch*unt -1 Primrose Street (Formerly Underland)
Marshall Jefferson
One for the heads! One of the founding fathers of the now ubiquitous sound of house music. Prepare to be thoroughly educated as the legend Marshall Jefferson steps up and shares his musical wisdom.

– Calum Carey


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