Nextup: LV & Joshua Idehen- Imminent

Working together again for the first time since the eminently danceable ‘Routes’ album in 2011, beatmakers LV and vocalist Joshua Idehen have done it again with new single ‘Imminent’. Featuring a blend of sounds that are best described as simply ‘London’, combining a funky pulse with twitchy dubstep synths underneath a vocal that alternates between a grimey chant and rhythmic toasting, LV & Idehen are as determined to avoid pigeonholes as they are to move your feet.

Joshua Idehen‘s territorial lyrics about the dangers of dealing in different districts of East London cement the UK centric vibes to the song- a feel that seems to be the ethos of the collaboration’s sound. A perfect home, then, has been found in Keysound, run by Blackdown whose near fetishisation of the capital and its music has informed and fuelled some of the most intelligent and powerful dance music released in the last few years.

However while the track truly shines at points, it isn’t quite as engaging or future facing as the neon tesseract on the release artwork would imply. The production feels somewhat stale, in that the track could easily be an off-cut of their previous work. Still, they appear to have got back into their groove without breaking stride, hopefully to continue with further work.

Release: 14.5.14

-Bertie Jennings

EDIT: On reflection, the lyrics don’t actually refer to dealing but rather just associating in different areas. Apologies to Joshua Idehen who I’m sure would never write about such criminal activities.


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