Nextup: Mr Scruff – Where Am I

Maker of artisan teas, eccentric cartoons and pounding beats…it  seems that Mr Scruff is something of a polymath; this century’s answer to Da Vinci. The producer has unveiled a new track from fifth LP entitled ‘Friendly Bacteria’ to be released via Ninja Tune this month. To celebrate the album’s release, he will play a 9.5 hour set at Camden’s The Roundhouse in North London on May 31st.

Mr Scruff is a man of his word, promising “stripped-back musicality” and a tougher, sparser sound. ‘Where Am I’ begins ominously, even a little reminiscent of an 80s horror film, but he keeps the cheese to a minimum with an entertaining melodic dialogue between two synths. The title might suggest confusion, but this track knows where it’s going, creeping away at 2:20 and returning full-force for a darkly funky finale. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this track, but don’t let that deter you – it’s a new side of Scruff and a sure sign of good things to come.
Release: 19.05.2014

– Isa Jaward


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