Nextup: Plata- Kru

Standing alongside artists such as Mssingno, DJ Milktray and even Murlo in the primordial micro-genre of R&B infused grime comes Plata, a young producer hailing from Palma de Mallorca. Not to be confused with the Terror Danjah led R&G movement of the mid 2000s, this current itineration eschews MC led soft garage beats for dark hazy textures overlaid with sugary vocals appropriated from US R&B, syncopated 808 snares snapping through the mix.

Here Plata has crystallised the sound with thick, meandering synths sounding like an old Wiley dub played at 33rpm and a saccharine Cassie vocal greatly suiting its new setting. The vocal seems to have morphed with the change from its original stop-start instrumental, a more melancholy sound having been wrought with the addition of Plata’s subtly atmospheric bass driven ambience.

As for a release, the track has been floating around the net for a while ripped from radio sets but an official copy seems to be lacking. The only hint of a record label is the apparently forthcoming CRWL001 release, a presumably vinyl copy with a Mssingno remix on the flip. However information about the label and release is thin on the ground, with only a hint from seemingly affiliated Last Japan that the release is ‘soon’. Around a year after it first being heard, one can only hope that it sees the light of day soon.

-Bert Coyle


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