Nextup: Fatima Al Qadiri- Shanghai Freeway

The music of Fatima Al Qadiri has always been a fascinating shift in perspective in the world of grime and dubstep, bringing an approach both cerebral and highly charged with socio-cultural intrigue to a sound so focused on the streets that a world beyond Britain seems an irrelevant frippery.

The Kuwait raised and Brooklyn educated producer treats grime as a sonic palette to explore the interface between personal experience and the international realities of an increasingly gloablised society. In her powerful ‘Desert Strike’ EP she used the musical textures of East London to explore her childhood experiences of playing video games explicitly recreating the US Gulf invasion that left her home country destitute and brought her parents, as part of the resistance movement,  to the brink of death .

In her new album ‘Asiatisch’ she aims to use the microgenre of ‘sinogrime’ to explore a relationship between the West and Far East characterised by fundamental misunderstanding and the resulting effect like that of an eratic photocopier when the two worlds attempt to imitate one another.

Typical of her style, ‘Shanghai Freeway’ is a complex interplay of light and dark tones used with aplomb. Designed to recreate traditional Chinese melodies, but crucially without studied authenticity, the central lilting motif floats gently above a seismic bass that growls with menacing lethargy, a Leviathan rearing its head from the depths of the South China sea.

Release: 5.5.2014

-Bert Coyle


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