Nextup: Clouds – Boys on E. Terriers

Following last year’s October debut on Soma ‘Complete Control’, Clouds are back with a more evolved brand of hard hitting, floor stomping techno that they’ve already given themselves a name for at this early stage in their production career.

Opening with ‘Teenage Boy’, the song starts the EP off subtly, easing the listener into a false sense of snare-tapped security before unleashing the echoing, whirly-gig bass accompanied a frenetic hi-hat sequence. Synth to shake the room with phaser moments during the bridge, providing slight relief before the bass starts up again, pounding unrelenting and building into a song so immersing  that it wouldn’t sound out of place in a trance night…

The relative calm of ‘Elevator Girl’ begins with a militant style beat, drummer boy percussive elements elevate the song as hummings an voices appear in the background, fading mysteriously as the most melodic tune on the EP plays out, accompanied by space echoes and cosmic clinks. Fast, frantic percussion on ‘Genista Cave 4’ is pretty intense, ending with a sound reminiscent of hailstones (seriously).

Definitely not a chill-out EP but a definite high octane energy-inciter.

Release: 26.05.2014




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