Nextup: Neana- Yeezus 2

Alongside associate and oftentimes DJ partner Moleskin, Neana and his weaponised polyrhythms have been storming down UK dance floors of late. Associated with DJ collective Gang Fatale, the brilliant Goonclub Allstars label as well as the omnipresent Night Slugs, he seems to be spearheading an exciting British twist on Baltimore/ Jersey club sound, incorporating elements of techno, grime, UK funky, footwork and even ballroom house.

While that may sound like a confusing and tenuous list of sounds, their influences can easily be found in his mixes and music. His track ‘Bowkat 8bar’ takes the grime classic ‘Rhythm n Gash’ and twists it into a percussive assault, the distinctive moaning vocal now an incoherent stutter. The dark, industrial pounding that comes to the fore when the frantic percussion abates is pure techno, the sounds working together so well it’s surprising that they’re rarely combined.

However in this track, Yeezus 2, there are strong echoes of ballroom-esque house. Taken out of its context in ’Bound 2’, the isolated Kanye West sample makes you think of a 90s MC urging on dragged up-ravers in the early hours of the morning, a kick drum slipping in and out of double time forcing you to nod your head. The rest of the song is a whirl of his signature juddering snares as well as the suggestion of a jungle break in the intro. A tune as original as it is danceable, expecting to see big things of Neana in the future.

Release date: Unknown (if indeed ever)

-Bert Coyle



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