Interview: Jon K

Over the last couple of years its been great to see increasing recognition showed to the DJing talents of Manchester based Jon K. Epitomised by his invitation to provide a mix for the highly regarded FACT series, Jon’s ability to infuse vastly varying types of music into coherent streams of audio bliss  is something that has made him a firm favourite with many – including us here at NextupThrowback. Having previously worked at Fat City records and run a night called ‘Eyes Down’, Jon is currently a resident at the ever popular ‘Hoya:Hoya’ night based at the Roadhouse. He took a few minutes to chat to Calum…

You’ve been part of Hoya;Hoya for a few years now, Could you tell us a bit more about the collective and how you got involved in it?

I used to work with Ryan (Illum Sphere) & Jonny Dub at Fat City records so I was friends with them before Hoya started. During the first year of the night I played there 3 times (I think) and always had a lot of fun – at that point they had decided to expand the roster of residents so along with Lone, Eclair Fifi  & Krystal Klear – I became a resident. The full line up is all of those guys, EMN on visuals alongside Chunky & Fox hosting, although Chunky has been DJing at the club too in recent years.

How has it been working alongside the creative talents of Krystal Klear & Illum Sphere amongst others in Hoya:Hoya?

All of the residents have a pretty different take on how they play but there’s a massive amount of common ground  – it’s fun because, as much as we’re  familiar with each others tastes, there’s still a lot of surprises re. what people play – also, when all the people playing alongside you are gigging all over the place week in week out it keeps everyone on their toes.

You’ve been in Manchester for nearly 20 years now I gather; having been part of the scene for such a sustained period I was wondering if you could comment on how it has changed, or perhaps stayed the same?

From my experience DJ’s have always mixed it up musically and people have always embraced that more so than in some other places. That always appealed to my take on music at the same time as influencing it.

 You’re frequently described as a ‘DJ’s DJ’ but are there any DJs who you look to for inspiration when approaching it yourself?

Too many to start mentioning names but in general they tend to have a few things in common – an open mind / bold selection / a knack of surprise and a genuine love of the music they were playing……I’ll say one thing though, if I could click my fingers and be in the Muzic Box listening to Ron Hardy in the mid 80’s I wouldn’t pass up the chance.

How do you approach collecting and discovering music these days?

Same way as I always have – ignore genres and buy stuff that excites me. These days it’s too easy to fall into the trap of just checking music online but since the internet got into the habit of telling you what you’ll like if you like such-and-such I find that makes you feel like a bit of a chump so it’s more important than ever to be digging in the real world.

Finally, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ask a man revered for his eclectic musical taste his favourite tunes of the moment?

Recent bits include:

  • Copeland LP
  • Zsa Gang EP
  • Negra Branca ep on ONO / Tesla
  • Denaji 10″ on Unthank
  • The forthcoming Lord Tusk EP on Levels
  • Recent stuff on Berceuse Heroique
  • some of the Clay Rendering stuff
  • Ondo Fudd 12″ on Trilogy Tapes
  • Marco Shuttle LP forthcoming on Kudos
  • Pender street steppers – Bubble world
  • DJ Qu / JTC / Steve Oh – Re-interate Vol 2 …standardly, pretty much anything that Tad Mullinix has had his hands on
  • A load of recent / new / forthcoming bits out of the Hoya camp…
  • Best live thing I’ve seen recently was The Part time Heliocentric c=Cosmo Drama After School Club.”

Jon will be playing at Rotation Policy tomorrow @ Wahl Bar alongside Tom Boogizm 

– Calum Carey


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