Nextup: Catch – #1 (Ansome Remix)

Brace your earholes for some devastatingly strong industrial techno, Brixton based Ansome holds nothing back in this remix of ‘Catch #1’ and without doubt has made one of the hardest hitting tracks of 2014 so far. In many ways I’ve taken issue with the recent development of big room techno in the UK that seems to have spurned from the inspiration of Blawan and been propelled by the likes of Ansome and other young artists such as Metrist and Happa: much of it has been characterised by an obsession with creating the biggest kick drums, the rawest snares and highs whilst saturating it all with copious amounts of reverb. Whilst there is no doubt this development has been a gritty sinister feast for the ears, this aesthetic focus has caused many producers to neglect importance of rhythmic structural intricacy and has resultantly made many tracks produced in this style very abrasive and laborious to listen to. Ansome has absolutely nailed it with this remix however, and can be credited a lot to his use of subtle variations in texture and emphasis that develop throughout the track. Built upon a trademark thunderous kick drum Ansome intricately moves in out of high hat orientated sequences to full bodied low end driving rhythms. His use of melodic interjections act as perfect counterweights to the relentless driving kick drum/high hat combination and all come together to create an incredibly fast-paced, engrossing 5 and a half minutes.

Pots and pans banger!

Release: 13.06.2014

Calum Carey


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