Nextup: Autonomous Africa 3 EP

Great to see the Autonomous Africa series returning for its 3rd year this week – this time joined by General Ludd, JD Twitch and regular contributor Auntie Flo. For those that don’t already know: Autonomous Africa is a label curated by JD Twitch focused on raising awareness and money for the people of the Mtandika village in Tanzania, Africa.

Such a great cause has inspired some great music to be produced; this year being no exception. Midland kicks things off nicely with ‘Safi’, a track orientated around marshalled drum loops, warm fuzzy synths and recurring tribal vocals. General Ludd’s is a more percussion heavy affair, offering intricate, hollow drum patterns whilst Auntie Flo builds around a great vocal sequence in ‘Daabi’. JD Switch’s ‘Maya’ merges long sustained synth notes with lovely drum patterns before subsiding to an aptly poignant vocal to sign off the compilation.

More information about the project below the songs on Soundcloud.

Release: July/August

Calum Carey


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