Nextup: Moleskin- Turnt On

Goonclub Allstars head honcho Moleskin comes out with the ‘Moleskin EP’ on the 30th of June, pushed back from the 16th due to delays at the pressing plant. From what’s already available to hear it’s shaping up to be a very exiting record, perhaps one that could put him on a similar trajectory to Bok Bok following the release of his ‘Southside EP’ in 2011 with both artists releasing intelligent grime-influenced music linked closely to their own labels.

In ‘Turnt On’ Moleskin has changed tack from the ferocious eski-beat workouts of his previous releases, instead creating a genre-less whirl of giddy synths and propellant rhythms. Whilst still very percussive and not lacking in rapid-fire claps, the flamboyant sparkle of the track bundles it all into a freewheeling ball of disco-tinged energy, different to more abrasive previous tracks that were released with snareless edits alongside (i.e. the ferocious, if slightly obtuse ‘Pulskimo’).

Having entered the world of production well after beginning his DJ career, Moleskin is happily proving his skills extend beyond remix work, with a track that could easily be the work of a much more accomplished producer. Goonclub Allstars and Moleskin are ones to watch.

Release: 30.06.2014

-Bert Coyle


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