Throwback: Burial- Archangel (Boy 8-Bit’s Simple Remix) (Free Download)

Burial- your one stop introspective soundtrack to lurking around Wandsworth at 2am underneath drizzling skies and other such clichés, yeah? Yeah? Nah, Boy 8-Bit doesn’t give a fuck. He’s taken the mournful vocals and rolling 2-step drums of the hallowed original and shaken them up until they’re more suitable for dancing than just inspiring sombre reflections on ‘the state of dubstep today’. And then posting said reflections on the first Skrillex youtube video you can find.

Replacing the reese bass on a comedown with a thumping live wire bassline that meshes perfectly with the beefed up drums that lurch between 4×4 techno flavours and the satisfying breakbeat of the original, this is one of the more suprisingly successful club edits I’ve heard. Pissed off a lot of purists, but surely that’s all part of the fun?


Released: 2007

-Bert Coyle


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