Throwback event: Hit & Run presents Zed Bias

Hit and Run brought UKG legend Zed Bias to South Nightclub for a night of absolute bangerz.

His Farewell Tour (please no) before he begins a new direction as a lecturer sees him play 3 hour long sets around the country as his last gigs before he hangs up his headphones for good, never again to play in dingy nightclubs, instead he’ll be frequenting classrooms and imparting knowledge which all seems very sad, especially after his blinding set on Friday.

The night would’ve normally drawn a predominantly student crowd but with the majority of students back home for the holidays I was unsure what to expect. As it turns out I needn’t have worried -granted the crowd was an odd one- college pupils looking for somewhere to go mixed with remnants of university students and golden oldies who had probably been following Bias from the start but this was by no means a disadvantage.

Arriving just before midnight we caught most  of Ruud Whiting‘s set. He saw the set out with my personal favourite, garage anthem Sweet Female Attitude ‘Flowers’ which went off.

Bias came on at quarter to 1 and South started filling up, at one point the sound went off and the relevance of an MC became apparent. Normally when the sound goes off in a club the crowd will start jeering and getting impatient but hats off to Fallacy (I think) whose words kept the crowd informed and buzzing. Hackney Parrot mixed into Artful Dodger was a stroke of genius from Bias.

Tune after tune saw the night through, from the expected (Neighbourhood) which went off, to the unexpected which also went off. Anti War Dub by Digital Mystikz got everyone running to the dance floor, encouraged by the MC on duty for that hour.

We left as it shut, along with the majority. The 3 hour set could’ve easily been extended, the night finished an hour later than advertised (absolute bargain) and I swear I turned back, when the music had stopped to see Bias just leaving. He looked like he’d been having as good a time as we had.

Really hope that Hit and Run continues putting on garage nights as it was pretty faultless and in terms of people, music and general atmosphere it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had in Manny. Definitely rekindled my fondness for the place. The scene will miss Zed Bias but I hope he won’t be away for long.

– Kim Kahan


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