Throwback: Skream- Krazy Snares (FREE DOWNLOAD)

One of the fortunate earlyish dubs that saw the light of day beyond getting the odd wheel on pirate radio underneath a young Skream giving awkward shouts to local lads and Nordic garage junkies, Krazy Snares is actually something a bit special. Ostensibly dubstep/ dark garage, but coming off more like the sounds of an unidentified techno-dystopia twisted into the addictively spacious and dissonant rhythms of early grime.

It runs in the same vein as tracks like Ice Rink 1 & 2, Gas Man, Salt Beef Dubzi and countless others- ones that kick their way into your brain through sheer off the wall ingenuity of the beats and abrasive power of the sounds, knowingly artificial and yet relatable in a way that anonymously euphoric 4×4 beats struggle with. To follow the beat and engage with the track takes a degree of effort on the part of the listener- effort that’s rewarded and punished equally as the track dithers between what could be ungenerously described as a masturbatory doodle on a Glitch plugin and moments of sublimity when the shuddering metallic gasps coalesce into a brief moment of harmony, a broken robot drifting in and out of a coma.

Seemingly later developed into the more accessible straightforward dubstep of ‘Moving Snares’, the stripped back original has an edge that obviates a rolling wobble bass- the raw unpolished nature of the track is what gives it charm. Largely ignored but worth remembering, here Skream has made a track that propels you on a base level yet simultaneously keeps you at a tantalising arm’s length.

Release: 2010, but around since around 2007

Freeizm Album

-Bert Coyle


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