Throwback: Capracara – Flashback 86

Jumping back to 2006 ,to a tune paying homage to the emerging house sound of Chicago,  Capracara served up a beaut of a tune aptly named – ‘Flashback 86’. Perfectly described in its accompanying Youtube description, ‘Flashback 86’ is a ‘sick lumbering monster of acid house where deep Detroit chords meet Chicago bass lines’. Constrained to a sub 120 tempo the effects transform 86 an intensive gritty journey propelled by crisp dusty highs and that unforgettable acid bass line.

I was initially surprised to see that this saw on a release on Soul Jazz Records, which I saw to be a label orientated around more reggae, soul and latin influenced music. After looking into SJR further however its been refreshing to uncover their approach to the music they sign: the focus here is on not pidgeon-holing their label around one particular sound, instead they remain open to anything that resonates strongly with them. Whilst you would have thought that would have made it difficult for SJR to build up a collective following this way, it doesn’t seem to have been the case, with the label celebrating over 20years in the business!

Release – 2006

Calum Carey


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