Nextup: Young Thug Ft. Freddie Gibbs, A$AP Ferg- Old English

Ever mystifying ATLien Young Thug is on his uppers. His sing-song, stop-start flow combined with an otherworldly charisma and a voice that entirely defies the classic gruff tone of rap’s yesteryear has resulted in a left field star, the Lethal Weapon referencing ‘Danny Glover’ getting a remix by Nicki Minaj and netting so many deals that Gucci Mane is desperately collating publishing rights from a Georgia prison cell.

His most recent release sees him collaborating with the latest from the A$AP stable (brand?) Ferg, and Freddie ‘Gangsta’ Gibbs. The beat itself is nothing to write home about, but provides enough chest thumping low end and skittering percussion for the MCs to flex on. Thug’s verse is actually on the tame side for his own standards, not to say it isn’t the stuff of Suge Knight’s trembling nightmares or even remotely boring, just not quite the mind bending melodic squawk of Thugger at his best.

Gibbs provides the aforementioned classic ‘gruff tone’ in the second verse and fails to disappoint even over an instrumental far from his smooth Madlib-produced comfort zone. Even at his most heated he still manages to sound menacingly calm, a good if unexpected choice for a feature.

Almost surprisingly given the strength of the track’s roster, A$AP Ferg confidently puts in the strongest verse. Pushing his already creaky voice as high as it’ll go to match Young Thug, he jumps through rapid flows as easily as he switches between Spanish and English.

-Bert Coyle


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