‘Lemonade, L-L-Lemonade…’

Repeat ad infinitum. If the latest from Numbers prodigy Sophie turns out to be half as much an earworm as his previous hit ‘Bipp’, then meet the refrain to slowly drive you mad over the next year. Those familiar with his striking blend of sickly hooks combined with weighty, propelling textures will know exactly what to expect from a track entitled lemonade- a blast of pure sugar with a sharp twist, fizzing over with abstract sounds, switch ups and pure madness.

Like many of his tracks, the central motif is a high pitched female voice; albeit here it warps between a falsetto hook, sassy teen monologue and support from a (real or synthetic?) child’s voice. Matching K-pop inspired vocals are the giddy synths Sophie does so well- shimmering and bouncing off the walls, never managing to stay in one place.

However the masterstroke that separates Lemonade from a classic pop hit is the depth of concept. Subtle minor tones creep over thumping bass hits to subtly contrast the top end, giving the effervescent vocal a sinister edge. The track has so much swing that it’s easily missable, but like ‘Bipp’ there are no drums-yet again Sophie is jarring with your perspective on what should be in a pop track and hiding his mischief under a thick layer of saccharine hooks. Even his name is an allusion to this- ‘Sophie’ the feminine name for a male producer who gives his tracks a sweet feminine gloss, with quirky and not entirely sweet gender-bending hearts.

Release date: 4.8.14

-Bert Coyle


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