Dekmantel: Highlights

Now Dekmantel has well and truly ended if I’ve felt compelled to write a review of some of the songs heard on that magical weekend, both to remember the great times but if mainly to ease the pain of returning to the mundaneness of UK life.

Two stand-out moments of the weekend came courtesy of Motor City Drum Ensemble (Unsurprisingly) and Space Dimension Controller. Both were on the compact and cosy Boiler Room stage found tucked away in the far corner of the Dekmantel arena. Both these guys managed to induce hysterical moments of dancefloor euphoria: arms were pumping, everyone was singing, smiles were etched and radiantly beaming. It’s hard to say what causes these moments of complete dancefloor synchronicity but MCDE and SDC both recognised that sometimes the more generic, clichéd tune is what you need. Whilst they both pushed deep into their own respective tastes and sounds the recognition of the need of a good ol’ infused classic was duly recognised, and with this both tunes lead to two great festival moments that I’m sure anyone who was there will never forget.

(Space Dimension Controller)

(Motor City Drum Ensemble)

Calum Carey


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