Nextup: Dark0- Black Rose

Common in the current wave of Grime (post-Grime?) producers are the softly spoken types. Most comfortable behind the decks and often camera shy, they’ve left a lot of head room for ego and personality, previously taken up by your Jammers, Skeptas, Wileys et al. Dark0 seems to be looking to change this, bringing a brash social media presence and slightly obnoxious obsession with ‘waviness’ and ‘getting turnt’.

Despite his unfortunate tendency to speak and act like a lesser known Piff Gang member whose vocabulary is largely appropriated from Max B mixtapes, Dark0’s music can be atmospheric and emotive in a similar vein to Mssingno and Murlo. Probably the best of his upcoming Fate EP, Black Rose lives off its central melody, as with most his tracks. He clearly has a knack for an engaging tune, elevated here by shrewd envelope and modulation work to give the synth a distinctive bite.

The let-down is how it inhabits the no man’s land between a beat and a song; Dark0 has clearly structured it at least partly with a rapper in mind yet it’s too busy to let an MC really make himself known. Nothing wrong with that in itself but after a while it becomes to repetitive and loop-based to bear more than a few listens. Definitely worth checking out regardless, Dark0 is certainly looking to the future.

Release date: 22.8.14

-Bert Coyle


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