Throwback: Joy Orbison – Tentative Bidding

Oh where has that 2009-11 sound gone? A couple weeks ago I was reacquainted with this tune and it has since opened a mental floodgate for cravings of the Joy O, Jacques Greene, Koreless and Deadboy tracks of old.

There is no doubt that underground music’s compass points firmly in the direction of techno at the moment. Whilst great music is still being produced, the overall scene feels like it is becoming homogenised around this genre. This tidal wave of techno has managed to claim personnel such as Joy Orbison – who originally orientated himself around the sort of garagey up tempo house/ ‘post dubstep’ infused with R&B vocals that flourished a couple of years ago.

Tracks such as this, his remix of Todd Edwards ‘I Might Be’ and ‘J. Doe’ are a far cry from what he produces now, and whilst his recent output has by no means been bad, the originality in his older efforts feel like they’ve been lost due to this new direction.

Release: 2010

Calum Carey


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