Nextup: Mila J- Smoke, Drink, Break Up (L-Vis 1990 Remake/ 4D Vocal Mix) (Free Download)

NYC based L-Vis 1990 on an R’n’B tip here with this two-tiered remix of Mila J’s ‘Smoke, Drink Break Up’. He’s approached the track from two different directions- the arguably stronger ‘Remake’ edition just being a straightforward use of the acapella over a beat that brings to mind the poppier styling of his first album. More in line with his ‘Ballads’ EP and indeed the general left-field sound of the Night Slugs crew he co-heads is the ‘4D Vocal Mix’, with a more swung rhythm and abstract sound design, slap bass and metallic hits abound.

The ‘Remake’ seems to play more to his strengths- a weighty, low-slung beat that perfectly complements the vocal, perhaps more so in fact than the original. He’s let the vocal lead the track, a decision that pays off as Mila J puts in a punchy performance reminiscent of other remix friendly artists such as Ciara or Tweet.

While there’s nothing particularly bad about the ‘4D Vocal Mix’ it suffers from a peculiar mediocrity taken in the context of his peers. It seems to be taking pinches from the sounds of various producers- the disco-funk of Bok Bok’s latter releases, SOPHIE’s carbonated percussion and Lil Silva’s hand drums.

Although the elements cohere acceptably, it’s certainly a case of being less than the sum of its parts. Perfectly good as a DJ tool, it’s interesting but ultimately forgettable.

Release: 19.8.14

-Bert Coyle


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