Events worth leaving the house for: 29th – 31st August

With ‘summer’ fast drawing to a close and the back-to-school vibe of September rearing its ugly head, one can only be thankful for the slew of Manchester promoters who manage to cater for most – if not all – tastes, to bring summer to a fitting conclusion.

Friday 29th 
The Ritz – Burn Out
Zed Bias, Newham Generals, Mouse Outfit, Palema
Something for all the ballers out there. With UKG legend Zed Bias, master selector Paleman,  grime veterans Newham Generals (D Double E & Footsie), Skepta’s right-hand man Preditah and superstar MC Chunky, punters will be stomping the summer away like never before.

Underdog – Rediscover
Late Nite Tuff Guy
Part of the new disco generation of Ozzie swingers (think FIO, Flight Facilities), Late Nite Tuff Guy has become known for his infectious, bass-heavy disco edits of classic songs. An all-round feel-good vibe is to be expected.

Soup Kitchen – Astral Industries
Techno techno techno. Fresh from the industrial land, Deepchord played infamous Berlin club Tresor last month and now he’s in England to blow the socks off some (un)suspecting northerners.

Saturday 30th
The Pharcyde 
Back to perform their debut in its entirety we have 50% of the original lineup plus J-Sw!ft, K. Natural and La Jay.


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  1. Nice selection!


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