Mssingno- XE2 (Spooky V.I.P)

Slew Dem’s Spooky here taking a break from his usual smash-grab grime with a slightly more introspective take on Mssingno’s modern day classic ‘XE2’ (too early to call? Whatever). Slightly being the operative term here, as there seems to be a limit to how low-key you can manage after a career producing blitzkrieg daggering anthems.

‘XE2’ is a song whose brilliance partly lies in its understatedness – it has the confidence to live on its peculiar chirpy melancholy, slowly unfurling without reaching for the big red button marked ‘808 drop’. That being all well and good, it tickled the bootleg urge of many producers who just couldn’t resist beefing it up a bit, Spooky evidently included.

As entertaining as it would be to hear him remix it like in his ‘R.I.P mix’ style with pulverising, teeth grinding loops, Spooky’s gone for a 2-step flex similar to the more official Bieldub’s earlier remix. Where Bieldub teased the track apart and filled the gaps with meandering synths and breakbeats with satisfyingly disjointed results, Spooky’s gone the other way with tight, punchy drums and a throbbing reese bass. As much as it clearly can’t stand up next to the original, here Spooky’s managed to nail the remix that someone had to make sooner or later- bassier, pacier but keeping much of the rest intact. Another coup for the Boxed LDN associate’s very deep bag of dubs.

Release date: unknown

-Bert Coyle


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