Throwback: Selective Hearing – Pariah B2B Tessela B2B Kowton

Hugo Monypenny of Selective Hearing has the uncanny knack of booking the artists that everyone wants. Take Selective Hearing’s line-up back in 2012 which included Bondax and T. Williams in South Nightclub for under a tenner, way before Bondax hit the charts and started selling out venues worldwide. His recent appointment as booker for Joshua Brooks – a seemingly cursed position judging by its high turnover – has led to a ridiculous slew of unmissable nights at the venue and I’m having to consciously omit some during our weekly round-ups for fear of appearing to be a JB-exclusive site lacking variety. For the record you can find Joshua Brooks schedule here. Anyway, the point is that Monypenny knows what he’s doing and this night was the perfect example of this.

Turing up just after 12am, were worried that we’d arrived too late, fearing unmanageable queues and semi-rioting but this wasn’t the case, we got in quickly around the new side entrance. The entrance isn’t even new it just hadn’t been used before – such a good shout to open it again as now you can pass the toilets on the way down – straight into the club rather than passing through the bar, which seemed to appease the girls behind me.

The club wasn’t very busy for after midnight and I was worried that this would be precedent for the night but it soon filled up and the slow-filling of the club meant the we had chance to find a prime dancing spot as Bam finished his well executed warm-up set.

The walls were practically shaking under the mighty bulbs of the Void sound system, which could be heard upstairs in the bar as Tessela at the decks laid down a ferocious set which included a number of his own productions; ‘Gateway’ and his forthcoming high octane remix of Pev’s ‘African Chant.’

Cutting an unassuming silhouette at the front when it came to his turn was Kowton, it had never struck me before Saturday night that walking past him in the street he’d be one of those people whom you’d least expect to be pounding the dancefloor by playing the dirtiest techno shit around, turning up his ‘Erotic Discourse’ mix as the wide-eyed crowd screwed their bass-faces in appreciation.

My personal favourite however was Pariah, not only because of my love for Karenn but whenever I’ve seen him solo before he’s never struck me as particularly stand-out, but tonight he was on top form playing slightly more mellow set than the other two. When he dropped Plastikmann ‘Spatsik’ that teeth-rattling bass with that sound system and that dingy basement reminded me why techno is always relevant.

The guys played well into 4am, watched from the sidelines by Monypenny looking like a cat that’s got the cream, clearly loving his job “I just want to see people having a good time listening to good music.” Mission accomplished.

The only gripe I had about the night was the heat. I distinctly remember standing among a throng of people crammed into the smoking area to get a tiny bit of fresh air as the atmosphere downstairs was positively tropical. This could probably be remedied by putting in another fan downstairs, keeping the upstairs booths open so people had the chance to sit down and opening another smoking area around the side, in the space where the old queue used to be.

All in all, a fabulous night full of blinding music and great vibes which made me realise how much I love techno and the good people of Manchester.

20th September 2014, Joshua Brooks Manchester.

Kim Kahan


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