Events worth leaving the house for: 30th – 5th October

This week’s highlights include  Optimo @ The Roadhouse, Fatima & The Eglo live band @ Joshua Brooks, Eton Messy @ Soup Kitchen and Apollonia @ Sankeys.

Tuesday 30th
Soup Kitchen – Boxfresh
Eton Messy
Upbeat vibes at this free party in celebration of the Katashi range exclusive to FootAsylum, following on from the instore in the Arndale. Register here for free tickets.

Thursday 2nd October
256 – Play No Games
Artful Dodger
Hoping he’ll turn up this time, UKG legend Artful Dodger is set to play 256. A surprisingly good venue and for South Manchester residents it’s super easy to get to.

Joshua Brooks – Let The Freqs Out X LibraryUK X Radian
Batu, Chunky
For those who like it a little bit heavier, check out Joshua Brooks for Livity Sound bass-face inducer Batu and Swamp81 stalwart Chunky who’ll be blasting the dancefloor via the Void sound system.

Friday 3rd
Joshua Brooks – Neighbourhoods
Fatima & Eglo Live band
After her excellent album was released earlier this year, Fatima is pretty much unmissable, especially with a live band – you can’t beat that for a club night – with her unique blend of electronic, funk and disco beats.

Soup Kitchen
Missing them support one of my personal favourite record labels this summer – Awesome Tapes From Africa – I felt like I’d missed out massively so this time around if you like your music all things African, get on down!

Saturday 4th
Roadhouse – Hairbrain
Optimo (4 hour set)
The ridiculously talented Scottish crate-diggers JD Twitch and Johnnie Wilkes serve up a lesson in all things techno, electronic, rock and everything between. I saw them at Dekmantel and was blown away. Not to be missed, they are playing a mammoth 4 hour set.


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