Nextup: Killjoy x Lenkemz- Wesley Snipes (Featuring Slick Don)

Bassline banger here from producers Killjoy and Lenkemz, with vocals provided by brummie MC Slick Don.

Lenkemz and Killjoy show us how it’s done with a grime flavoured bassline beat, easily rivalling anything by the likes of My Nu Leng and the R1 approved jackin’ crew.  Killjoy’s signature drawn-out resonant warps come like a Ferrari engine, but more garage-heads in Huddersfield than men in an Italian garage.

The highlight of the track has to be Slick Don’s witty and energetic vocal. He’s all over the beat like it was made for him. Which it probably was. Anyway, as a bassline/ grime vocalist and MC for DJ Mele he’s never really stood out before, but on this track he shows his potential as a party MC with bars covering the important topics of baseball bats and PG tips. When he promises to mash up the rave like Elvis Presley he’s not talking about joining the shufflers with trendy haircuts in the corner…

Release Date: Autumn 14

– Bert Coyle


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