Nextup: Future Brown- Wanna Party ft. Tink and 3D Na’Tee (Remix)

Head to toe in HBA and boasting a membership rota of grimey, ethereal futurists Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu and J-cush, Future Brown has to be the one of the most exiting (and coolest) groups around. Luckily they add up to the sum of their parts with icy trap banger ‘Wanna Party’, the extended remix of which has just been released to celebrate their signing to Warp.

New Orleans based 3D Na’Tee adds a verse, meshing perfectly with Tink’s slurring staccato hook and party lyrics. Fatima Al Qadiri’s distinctive bells chime menacingly above a lazy, thumping low end. Despite lyrics about getting faded, causing trouble etc the vocal delivery combined with the echoing, genre-bending beat give an air of untouchable cool, a disdain for everyone in the club you didn’t roll up with. Elements of techno, trap and grime create a cavernous backdrop to vocals that breeze over the shifting rhythms like a desserted dancefloor. The soundtrack of the party you want to be invited to.

Release: November.14

-Bert Coyle


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